Friday, July 24, 2009

Real world strategies for dealing with the ... real world.

  1. Be spurned in some way by peers, institutions and/or other form of authority.
  2. Develop an extensive revenge fantasy typically involving some form of public humilation, honey and small animals.
  3. Realise the futility of such things and either:
    1. Concentrate on developing a 'successful' life ... to prove them 'wrong';
    2. Create your own 'tribe' (with apologies to Seth Godin) and exclude the appropriate protaganists; or
    3. Create your own 'tribe' (as above) and 'steal' their support base.
  4. Recognise the tokenism of all of the above and just 'get on with it'... irrelevant of the existing - often restrictive - systems. If the system doesn't work for you then be sure to simply keep working... adaption can be extraordinarily unhealthy and 'might' stiffle creativity.
... but ... keep the small animals well-feed (and hydrated) in the laundry... just in case!

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