Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update on 'five'...

five @ PCP

I've just realised that I haven't written anything about the opening or the first weekend.

It went off really well after a mild (!) disaster the night before... 7 of 13 images decided they didn't want to hang and fell overnight....!

I had to reprint three literally hours before the opening and some are unfortunately still a little bit 'tweaked'. It's not really noticable but I literally can't afford to replace all of them at the moment.

The opening itself was a bit hard to gauge but I've been told it was 100+ over the course of the night. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it was refreshing and reassuring to see familiar faces.

I babysat for a few hours on Friday (10th) and then all of Sunday (12th)... both days had their share of visitors and Sunday kept me more than busy (and verbose) with talkative visitors.

I also sent off the 70+ books last week (plus an occasional DVD) to various people in both Perth and wider Australia. I don't really expect anything out of it but you never know.

I recently got confirmation that the Fremantle Print Award has accepted one of the works from the series for the show at Fremantle Arts Centre... again, I don't really expect anything but I really enjoyed being part of that in 2006 so I look forward to see how it comes together this year.

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