Saturday, July 04, 2009

Words, words... my kingdom for some words....

'Consciousness is hostile and alien to ... unconscious wishes; it resists their aim of conscious expression. It is for this reason that the wish requires distortion and disguise to enter the conscious system.'

'The unconscious is ... unable to speak in its own voice and vocabulary. It can only speak through and by means of conscious discourse. It is not the smooth, continuous unfolding of meaning; rather, it is expressed as silence, verbal slips, stutterings, gaps and puns.'

Feminist knowledge by Sneja Marina Gunew (p77)

'.... where historical experience marginalizes both the subject and object, context is robbed of the instruments it necessarily has to rely on for making it so very irresistible powers felt. This is why historical experience is so far better equipped to resist context and contextualization than the epistemologist's experience.'

Sublime historical experience By F. R. Ankersmit (p280)

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