Saturday, August 29, 2009

Choking on humble pie...

We recently got season one of 'The Games' on DVD and in the episode we watched the other night, they had some advertising type pitch the 'no wucking forries' campaign for Sydney's transport network.

In amongst the amusing claims of the campaign was the gem that 'Australia has the greatest athletes in the world'. It also put the 'bloody' campaign of a few years ago into perspective.

With that in mind, I just about spat whatever I was chewing at the time when I heard that 'Western Australia has some of the greatest visual artists in the world living and working amongst us' - this according to last night's Stateline WA 'bit' on the trials and tribulations of WA galleries.

Whilst there are many 'virtuous' artists here, I always find such 'we are the bestest' claims so - for want of a better word - silly. It is a typical Australasian thing to proclaim that we have the 'biggest', 'longest', 'best', 'tallest' x, y or z prefixed by 'proportionally' to justify our 'us'-ness.

But.... we don't apply this same standard to the negatives. The classic example is the ill-conceived argument that Australia (as other countries) shouldn't commit to reductions in pollutants because we only contribute a 'tiny' amount of global emissions. But ... when looked at 'proportionally', we are the 'greatest'.... yeah for us!

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