Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stuff on my mind...

Running a bit distracted today. I just got off the phone with a property manager about a potential artist studio/wall space so even more so now.

The following is to purge a few things - not least of which nervous energy - all that's bouncing around a bit rough.

I get the Magnum eNewsletter and this week they had an image from David Seymour of a child in a Polish home for 'disturbed children' from 1948.

It's a very striking image that reminds me of Roger Ballen who - ironically enough - is 'featuring' as the masthead over at The Monash Gallery of Art's site.... twitch, twitch ... as I await the wash of disappointment on September 11.

I'm staggering through a few new ideas and tidying up some old. One involves the soon-to-be-extinct incandescent lightbulb. I have a series planned where I am going to look at the fragility, toxicity, (non)uniqueness and futility of that particular object.

I intend to - eventually - put out a call for old bulbs from sheds, garages, etc that have developed a patina and recontextualise them.

As a side note, whilst looking around I stumbled across sigh!

I recently introduced a friend to William Eggleston so this is 'obviously' on my mind... it's odd but I've never noticed the graphic in the bottom right... ?

As is this from Mr Wall...

Enough socialist purging for today. Time to do my capitalist duty and get back to the gorging.

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