Friday, November 06, 2009

Images on my mind...

Update: I read this morning that the McCubbin show is coming to the Art Gallery of Western Australia from December 11. Oddly enough they will be charging an entry fee ... ? ... cultural desert instead of dessert?

Original Post from 20/08: I'm not sure what in particular has caused this mind melt but lately I've been drawn more and more towards some what classical painting.

In particular, I find 'some' of the later images from Frederick McCubbin (1855–1917) and Philip Wolfhagen very appealing.

We saw a 'bit' on Wolfhagen on Sunday Arts back in May and I really enjoyed his approach to surface. His work was recently at Holmes à Court Gallery and it was good to see them in the flesh.

The 7.30 Report and a few other outlets have looked at the McCubbin show... unfortunately I couldn't find any detail shots of the works but the complexity illustrated in some of the reports is quite extraordinary. How the colours play off each other is inspiring. Such things never work on screen though.

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