Saturday, November 07, 2009

Yet another gold mine...

In April 1998 - a date easy to remember as I painfully gave up smoking on this break - Elisa and I spent 9 days in Vienna. In amongst the many highlights - not least of which, Klimt's and Schiele's in the flesh - there was a visit to the Museum der Angewandten Kunst (MKA - Museum of Applied Arts).

They had a collection of textiles/laces there that, in hindsight, had a intoxicating effect on Elisa and arguably inspired some of the work she's been doing since.

On a whim I thought this morning to check if they had this particular collection online and ... well ... voila would be a word significantly lacking in syllables to describe what I found. Not only do they have what was on display but other elements that are VERY interesting graphically.

What is by far most extraordinary is that the entire collection is meta-ed up so you can search by colours and a multitude of other criteria.

There are some other collections (posters, design, etc) that can also be viewed online.

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