Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Head clearing...

I've a few things on my mind of late so it might help to 'vent'.

Studio Update.
We are now tossing around the idea of cutting the display space portion out of the equation and instead trying to focus on a convenient, 'easy' and affordable studio space. Whilst it would be great to be closer to the action and have a free wall or two, this typically means either exorbitant prices, expensive fit outs or glorified garden sheds touted as a 'warehouse'.

We can find 200sqm-350sqm properties about 15-20 minutes from the CBD for approx. $150/sqm/year all inclusive. Given that any space involves wastage - that is, space you can't charge for - we are trying to get an equation of $4/sqm/week to work. ie. a 15sqm studio would be charged at $60/week.

Essentially this means that at $150/sqm/year, at least 75% of the space needs to be leasable for it to break even.

This is obviously not ideal as it needs to accommodate down time - between residents, etc - and other potential unexpected costs.

Essentially we will personally absorb fit out costs so having it not so tight will help recoup those costs over a period of time.

Awards, shows, etc.
The Fremantle Print Award opens this Friday night (September 25) and I was lucky enough to get one print from 'five' into the show. I don't stand a chance (whine, whine) but typically the exhibition is well worth the effort to visit.

I was joking with someone the other day that I have a 1 in 12 shot of maybe getting 'something'. A pat on the back perhaps? Luck has nothing to do with such things - as I'm learning in my elderliness. It's all just secret-squirrel fairy dust!

The same print will also be on display at Vasse Felix Estate in Margaret River as part of the Bunbury Biennale. This will stay there until mid-November.

Elisa will be showing work at the Joondalup Invitational from October 15-31. It's all progressing very nicely - with the usual self-doubt - and has nice tension and drama. She's working on three pieces parallel and I'm not 100% sure which one she's decided on.

The Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennale closes at Wagga Wagga on the 30th and then moves to Mornington on October 21. Next after that is Geraldton in December.

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