Monday, September 21, 2009

Roll up, roll up...

Source: Library of Congress Collections.

In Perth there would seem to be a - mildly unhealthy - obsession with sanitised optical illusions in artwork.

Whilst I admit to occasionally enjoying the 'side show' aspect of it all, I do find myself physically losing energy in the sigh that always eventuates when I walk into 'yet another one' of these shows.

That is not to say that such work doesn't have it's share of virtues or that it can reach euphoric heights. They are often much more sophisticated than what otherwise could be 'experimentation' disguised as finished artwork.

That said, it feels like an easy ride some how. The work is not necessarily confronting, challenging or engaging. The audience has an easy 'in' but are they really getting good 'stuff' out?

It returns to the spectacle aspect that I've previously talked about... does that little 2 second gasp really equate to more than just appealing to the 'easy' sound-bite demographic.

This all needs much more consideration but my back hurts and I need to get away from this computer!

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