Friday, October 02, 2009

Rebranding Perth

Following on from the idea of calling Malaga - an industrial suburb in Perth - the Spanish Quarter, I heard today a twist on the pronounciation of Joondalup. This is normally pronouced 'jun-de-lup' but was tweaked to 'jooon-de-loop' .... Or the French Quarter. A way to inspire culture in the sticks?

Just as background, Joondalup is 'a Noongar Aboriginal word, first recorded in 1837 and possibly meaning either "place of whiteness or glistening", or "place of a creature that can only move backwards"'*

Malaga 'might' be named after the Spanish town but it could also come from the Aboriginal word which means 'Ironstone'.*

All tongue in cheek of course.

* source: Landgate

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