Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Saturday Morning Thought...

... so a bit foggy.

Craft Australia put out a call for papers a while back regarding the theme of 'Sustainability in craft and design'.
What is the impact of climate change on craft and design practice?

... with recognition of over-consumption as a problem in rich countries, questions are raised about the continuing production of non-essential goods. Is the handmade an exception? How?

... does the ethic of the handmade provide an alternative to over-consumption, say by encouraging a culture of repair rather than replacement?

What role might a concept of 'product miles' play in promoting local production? How can the return to local avoid a narrowing of diversity and creative insularity?

I was dawdling through my sketchbook this morning and came across a thought I'd written at the time.

'How much work can we get out of 1cm3 of object vs the ethereal - that is, often unquantifiable - value of something that affects you emotionally? How much toxic chocolate - no doubt dripping in oil and blood - and cheap nasty wine don't you consume when an art object helps you look at the world afresh rather than simply scratch an itch?'

It's essentially an academic call so I doubt I'll attempt something (deadline is June 2010) but it does pose some interesting questions.

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