Saturday, February 06, 2010

Content ... Form ... Content ... Form ...

In the tradition of Mr Stratton's obsession with 'queasicam', Christopher Allen still seems focused on the form/content issue in artworks.

Whilst writing about Nicholas Harding:
... The whole scene is brilliantly evoked, but it is too literal an account of a real place at a given moment. It has not undergone that alchemical translation into the artifice of painting that makes a picture memorable as a work of the imagination... Buildings are already artificial things, finite and bounded in form, not unbound and infinitely suggestive like the things of nature... This is why buildings generally work best in paintings as part of a landscape, stable forms that anchor the indefinite and organic ones of nature.

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I do tend to have a love/hate relationship with Mr Allen's writing, especially his thoughts on the 'weakness' of photography.

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