Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mr Stratton and Queasy-Cam....

A brief tribute to the love/hate relationship of David Stratton to a cinematographic 'style'.

Admittedly we haven't been to the Cinema to see a movie since King Kong - it does tend to be a bit of a raucous picnic area in Australia - so camera shake is obviously a bit less pronounced on a 24" monitor than however-many-feet-wide screen.

The Boat That Rocked: 'There’s also a Queasy-cam alert for viewers prone to nausea – I know it’s set on a boat, but this is a bit too much.'

The Secret Of The Grain: 'The hand-held, queasy-cam style will also be a negative factor for many.'

Rachel Getting Married: 'But why he should go and make a Dogma film after Dogma's over. We're over Dogma.'

District 9: '....sort of relentlessly hand-held in this sort of mock newsreel documentary kind of style ... I got honestly quite nauseous because it really is a mess visually ... A lot of people get really physically sick watching films like this ... Not the violence and the blood, but just that.'

The Bourne Ultimatum: 'He uses handheld all the way through. Even the most still conversation between two people, look it's - looks like it's been shot by someone with a hangover.'

Samson & Delilah: 'You mentioned that the camera work is handheld, but this is an absolute object lesson in how to use a handheld camera ... use it responsibly and use it intelligently, not like some of these trendy, untalented young cameramen who are doing it in other films.'

Antichrist: '...but the way Lars Von Trier shoots it with the camera moving here, there and everywhere, editing in the middle of dialogue, just draws attention to the fact that this is a film made by Lars Von Trier.'

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints: '...but I do wish he wasn't quite so wedded to the handheld style because there are so many people out there who don't like that style and recoil from it and don't go to see films that have it.'

The Counterfeiters: ''s made in the style that, as you know, I don't like at all and I think a lot of people don't like. It's that handheld style - unnecessary hand held style, where, you know, the scene - the images...'

Men's Group: 'Yes, I’m very, very glad, Margaret, you mentioned the irritating camera work.'

The Kingdom: '... also it's another of these films, I'm afraid, that is really badly shot; handheld; all over the place; bad editing; confusing as a result.'

It's almost like playing snap sometimes when watching 'At the Movies'.

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