Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happiness is... sadness is...

Putting an old and extremely flat Nikon 50mm/1.8 on to a D90.... and finding that it works. The zoom I got with the new camera (Nikon 16-85mm VR) is all sorts of pretentious, frankly embarrassing and a bit flava flav-like.

I'm still unsure about buying the D90 (purchased 8 months ago) as I'm yet to find a practical purpose for it. It was supposed to pick up a bit of the labour in documenting artworks and shows as well as 'maybe' pull in a few tiny, 'easy' jobs from existing commercial clients.

I resisted going up another price bracket as I struggled to justify the expense of the D90, let alone another few thousand dollars.

It is the bane of being used to the qualities of MF film. I've done a series of shots of Elisa's work with the Nikon and, irrelevant of end-usage, I still find myself zooming in on the results and grumbling.

I still shoot my work exclusively on the Mamiya/Astia but did take the D90 with me on my last big shoot. I essentially used it as a 'Polaroid' for difficult lighting situations and it worked well for that. The white-balancing proved a bit annoying but it was otherwise helpful.

I don't shot much 'casually' anymore so it's rare for me to bring out the camera whilst we are touring. Often after a break I realise that I've only shot a handful of images, if any at all.

This is in stark comparison to the late-90s when I seemingly spent entire trips looking through a red filter. Paris, Florence and Vienna are all very much monotonic in my memory.

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