Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday's analogy redux...

... the not insignificant problem with getting into the 'right' lane early is that you then spend a ridiculous amount of time concerned that you might have chosen wrong.

Worse than that, you also worry that you might even be driving the wrong 'sort' of vehicle.

I sometimes think of a foldable, brown Raleigh 20 which I had as a kid. This 2-speed bike got a hell of a workout at the time, even if I ached for a BMX or - time-warp moment - more specifically a HMX.

Once some local group put on a bike 'race' to raise money for something and I took my bike down and joined in.

This proved one of the great learning experiences of my life as when I was peddling at 150mph to keep up with all the 10-speeds, I was told that I didn't belong and should p*%s off.

Eventually I was one of the first handful across the line but the moment itself proved much more fruitful.

Image via oldroads.com.

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