Thursday, February 18, 2010

People and ideas....

This I genuinely like... especially considering that Edward Winkleman - whose words I very much enjoy - is involved.

The idea is an 'event' where Edward - a prominent gallery owner in New York - together with 'persons to be recruited by Mr. Winkleman' will devote 10 seconds to each submitted image.

  • Artists will submit one digital image.

  • Mr. Winkleman and guests will view the image for no less than 10 sec.

  • Mr. Winkleman and guests will be monitored by a volunteer as they view the work to assure full compliance with the rules.

  • Mr. Winkleman and his guests will have no obligation to provide representation to any of the artists, make any comment about, or critique any of the images.

  • Once an image is viewed by Mr. Winkleman and his guests the artist cannot complain that their work is not being considered by a professional gallery for one year ... [Mr. Winklman and guests] will be absolved of any further obligation to take complaints by artists ... for one year from the date of viewing.

  • As Mr. Winkleman and his guests view the images, they will be available on the internet to be viewed.

As a few people have already pointed out in the comments, 10 seconds is an 'eternity' in visual terms.

Whilst seemingly tongue in cheek, I do think the idea has genuine merit. It does, to a certain extent, reduce the viewing process to a more visceral experience although I find that the human mind can/could make very complex judgments in that period of time.

Consumption is a much more complex process that simply the chewing of what's in your mouth at any given moment.

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