Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Exploitation of Apathy....

I frequently come across people - admittedly including myself - who are 'settled' with the status quo in relation to particular elements of their lives. They are not necessarily terrified of change, but rather just aren't motivated to attempt it at all.

This apathy and/or disinterest is constantly exploited by technology-based and fee-driven industries. We will sit on heritage products/services often unaware of how illogical they might appear when simply weighed up against their contemporaries. Admittedly many companies - mobile carriers in particular - make the information close to impossible to digest so that the whole idea of comparison is a stressful and often fruitless exercise.

About 6 months ago I noticed that a client/friend was on an internet plan that must have been close to 5 years old. She was - until today - paying $85/month for the equivalent of a banged-up Hyundai Excel with a 3000L petrol tank.

After doing a quick poke around on said internet providers' website, it was immediately clear that a plan for $59.95/month was available that was at least 16 times faster (potentially 40 times faster) with otherwise equivalent 'features'.

Why then does the internet provider still charge their customer for such an inferior product? Wouldn't they get more longevity if they improved their experience? Don't they risk antagonizing their client by essentially ripping them off? I personally would have quit them on the spot and warned - widely and with more effort than I probably should - others of their mis-deeds.

We often find it 'too hard' to try for this change but ultimately the effort can be significantly beneficial.

My personal fear of such things comes very much back to the bow I drew with the 'lane selection' metaphor. The fear associated with choice very much relates to feelings of stupidity and the niggling ... niggle ... of ... 'did I choose right?'

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