Friday, May 07, 2010

Cost me 15% more than what I wanted to spend.... but ....

It's irrelevant what 'it' is but the selling strategy was familiar to the point of teeth-gnashing. Ok... ultimately I'm still happy just poorer for the experience.

So... I've desperately wanted an 'x' for quite a while and have spent months having more than inappropriate thoughts about it.

I finally got the opportunity today to have a proper look and touch but in the same breath was told - by three separate people - that I can't have it until August at the earliest or October at the latest.

As soon as I started filling out my order - that is, I'm obviously a genuine, 'real' buyer - mysteriously an x is available ... but ... it's more of an x-plus than a simple x.

It has this and that extra features, most of which are overkill that can't be demounted and that come at a not insignificant premium.

This is not the first time I've encountered such things so you have to wonder if there is a secret squirrel hiding place where the various x's that I originally wanted are being held against their will!

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zebra factory said...

15% premium also means no iPad for a few months... sigh!