Friday, May 14, 2010

Tribe of Troll-like Creatures Discovered

Reports are coming out of Western Australia of the discovery of a previously unknown humanoid species.

The troll-like, upright-walking beings were first discovered by a group of school children researching Asylum seekers on The West Australian's website. UWA Anthropologist Joanne Spritz who has extensively studied the group dynamics noted that whilst they are chaotic and prone to violence, they do seem to organise extremely well under duress. 'We have found that those who earn less than three Holdens per annum are 30% more likely to respond aggressively to even the lightest stimulus', she said. 'Oddly enough, those who earn more than five Holdens per annum also shared this same statistic.'The police are asking that anyone who encounters these creatures not approach them as they may be dangerous.

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