Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evil Genius Idea of the Day....

The best (and worst) way to motivate the masses is to appeal to fear and, in particular, any xenophobic traits that might simmer below the surface. Politically, this has been broadly used in the past to get the seemingly unpalatable down the throats of an apathetic and skeptical populace.

In recent years the most prominent non-political manifestation was the effort by Australian tabloid news (and arguably local producers) to tie imported Chinese food products to human fecal matter.

Given that a lot of citrus fruit is imported into this end of the world from the USA, you have to wonder why those same networks aren't looking at their questionable practices?

Similarly, do people have the same vitriol for Norwegians, whose quota of whales close to equals that of Japan?*

How many are motivated not by ideology but instead by a visceral response should they hear a few syllables?

Lately there has been an interesting shift in Australia. In particular, talk that the housing price bubble and not just the usual job market are being skewed by migrants.

In almost the same breath, the virtues of Chinese coal and iron ore markets are touted as being the be-all and end-all of Australia's fragile economic prosperity.

In the past, politicians have exploited similar weak points extensively - to devastating effect - when it comes to exploration for resources in seemingly sacred national parks.

Whilst not ideal, couldn't this same idea be used to motivate the masses by tying new, greener technologies to non-dependence on external forces?

* The argument that the Japanese are taking 'our' whales is a ridiculous notion.

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