Sunday, June 06, 2010

Legless Lethergy

I was on the first of what I hope will be a four-part formalised photo shoot in one location a few days ago. Whilst it took just over two and a bit hours, I came away completely exhausted and have only just got my legs back.

The shoot itself went quite well and I'll get the six rolls back on Tuesday. I only had one small technically anomaly but picked that up quickly enough and simply re-shot the three or four photos that might have suffered for it.

Some of this work will hopefully slot nicely into the 'Five Epilogue' series.

I've recently had this itch (and opportunity) to roll off a few hyper-minimalist shots. Essentially these are photos of flat, empty blocks of colour. I'm not sure how they fit in a broader sense but I've tried not to resist them when I see them in a space. They are quite difficult to read as they have nothing other than an odd scratch, hole or power point but I do like the geometry and quiet they put out.

In other news, I'm putting some final touches on my Artsource Residency application (NZL, rural NSW and Melbourne) as well as my entry for the Fremantle Print Award. There are a smattering of other things including the idea to enter something into the Wallace Art Awards.

Elisa is working like a woman possessed on her next show and early interest has already been expressed by a collector... no pressure.

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