Thursday, June 03, 2010

A weight on an ill-fitting mind....

I had my first - very brief - encounter with an iPad yesterday.

The first thing that genuinely surprised me was the weight. It's much more substantial 'feeling' than I thought it would be. The one I was looking at came with a nice soft rubber case which did make it feel quite sophisticated.

The book that came pre-installed didn't live up to my expectations as whilst it looked good, the anti-aliasing gave the text a bit of a soft impression. I find with such things that my eyes try to sharpen it up and it does tend to get tiring after a short period of time.

It could be that the mind will adjust accordingly but you have to wonder how that will affect the near/far seeing 'issues' with some people.

Other than that, I hadn't clicked that it had a built in microphone so it could be used as a Skype-enabled device.

Will need a more significant look prior to buying one... irrelevant of the lack of disposable funds, I might wait up the inevitable better version that will come with 2nd Gen.

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