Thursday, June 17, 2010

Value vs Price

A few weeks ago I took some old computer equipment to a rather sobering pawn shop. Amongst the various people was a man in his early 40s selling what I'm assuming was a wedding ring. As he didn't have any receipt or other evidence of cost it was quite literally put on scales to determine value. That is, x grams of gold equals $y.

I was thinking that this is an interesting proposition when applied to other forms. It cancels out workmanship, experience, heritage, design, creativity and a swath of other criteria.

Imagine if the Bromley's of the world were valued purely on the grams of linseed oil, pigments and other materials used to make work.

That is, the virtual values are cancelled out.

This is in part prompted by the hyper-emotive language of those affected by the proposed changes to laws relating to art in superannuation funds.

Not sure how I feel about it all as ultimately a small group of elites would seem to be affected.

I ultimately always hope people buy artwork with love rather than simply as they would shares.

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