Friday, June 18, 2010

Malnourishment to obesity in three easy steps...

Last week I got formal confirmation for an interstate exhibition at the end of October. Where and when exactly will remain quiet for a bit but it has given me a few problems - if that's the right word - in regards to image selection.

With the PCP show I freely admit that I struggled a bit to get the 13 final images on to the wall. Editing the work was extremely difficult and it literally took months of rather loud sighing.

Once the show was actually up I needed to put a folio of 10 shots together for something else and I was genuinely disturbed that I could cull three shots without blinking and that I could have got rid of an extra two without too many tears. Realistically I was a few photo shoots short of where I really needed to be in order to put on that show.

A few weeks ago I finally - after a combination of procrastination and general camera 'hate' - got to shoot one of the locations that should have been in that show. It was very fruitful and has given me a swath of new material.

Now I have the inverse dilemma.... I need to cull 14-15 strong works back to nine.

I have a 15 metre long wall and this complicates the issue. That is, the show needs to 'read' from image-to-image and not jolt, especially considering that the works are not in isolation.

I feel that editing is so fundamental to any show's strength but I really wish it wasn't so hard.

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