Friday, July 16, 2010

Kidney on Special this Month

Buy one and get some free nose skin... The problem with writing arts grant applications is that I - at least - conceive projects that I otherwise couldn't do financially. Where it bites is when you fall emotionally for a concept and - after the inevitable knock back - come to the realization that you REALLY otherwise can't do the gig.

Worst still is when you expend a lot of energy researching and, through that, are able to pinpoint the personal importance - if that's the right word - of the conceptual approach.

I'm almost to the point where I'm considering not applying for such things from now on.

Previously my personal argument has been that I should be spending more time making work rather than constantly looking for 'funding'. In the last few months I've started to realize that it's instead just getting too emotionally draining.

Would I be better off literally digging holes for cash to fund work rather than digging myself constantly into these 'holes'?

So.... Considering that I break power tools by looking at them, I decided to put the kidney up. Bidding starts at $20,000 ... Still in good condition, limited alcohol diet (no beer for 15+ years), minimum animal protein consumption, selective diet, etc.

All offers considered.

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