Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Responding to Criticism

From Mr. Winklemann:

'My sincere advice is to think of the artwork you exhibit as your statement. You agreed to put it out there for others' feedback. Your part in this particular round of exchange is complete. Whether the viewers' response is praise or condemnation, you had every opportunity to put your best foot forward...you had your chance.

If you find the response disappointing, you can comfort yourself with the assumption that you're ahead of your time, or the audience needs to learn more, or whatever, but at this point any defensive response by you is parallel to the comeback you finally come up with after your heckler has left the room. It's simply too late. Your only recourse is to ensure that your statement is even better in the next round.

The best way to respond to your critics is, again, to show them next round why they were wrong.'

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