Sunday, July 28, 2013


I have had the luxury - in the true sense of the word - of just 'knuckling down' and making for the last 8 months. I didn't have to stress about bills or other demands.... I simply got to make stuff ... and a lot of it.

At the same time, I wanted to acknowledge that freedom by working hard to make something 'special'... whatever that means. This especially as it's improbable that I will get another such opportunity for a while.

It has afforded opportunities. However, some of these are oddly uncomfortable. I am now struggling with the thought that I have to make something somehow 'significant' for an upcoming group exhibition.

The problem with this is that a (not particularly urgent) deadline looms and a series of shoots are now loaded with a tension that has been absent for a long time.

The resultant image also has to function on a scale - a per-requisite of the show - that is disquieting.

But ... the greatest stress comes from not wanting to disappoint those who afforded the opportunity.

I will try to just work the same but I find I'm looking differently around the frame, working even slower and being much more selective... perhaps the happy accident and any other spontaneous-ness will be lost?

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