Sunday, November 17, 2013

Other people's words...

"To this snapshot style, Mr. Eggleston has added some effects borrowed from recent developments in of all things–photo-realistic painting–a case, if not of the blind leading the blind, at least the banal leading the banal." - Kramer writing about William Eggleston.

“[Basquiat’s] contribution to art is so miniscule as to be nil” and that the only reason for the painter’s success was that “liberals need to make a gesture." - Kramer writing about Basquait.

"He was essentially a talentless hustler, street-smart but otherwise invincibly ignorant, who used his youth, his looks, his skin colour and his abundant sex appeal to win an overnight fame that proved to be his undoing ... Basquiat never showed the slightest evidence of being the kind of serious talent he was touted to be by the sponsors who stood to profit from his success." - Kramer writing about Basquait.

"I was just tired of seeing white walls with white people with white wine." - Diego Cortez.

"Whatever art is, it is no longer something primarily to be looked at. Stared at, perhaps, but not primarily looked at. What, in view of this, is a post-historical museum to do, or to be? ... The artist, the gallery, the practices of art history, and the discipline of philosophical aesthetics must all, in one or another way, give way and become different, and perhaps vastly different, from what they have so far been." - Arthur C Danto (1997) passed away on October 25.

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