Sunday, January 12, 2014

Muriel Draper's Salon and playing doctor....

"[Walker] Evans is a visual doctor, diagnostician rather than specialist. But he is also the family physician, quiet and dispassionate, before whom even very old or very sick people are no longer ashamed to reveal themselves." - Lincoln Kirstein, American Photographs.

I'm working my way very slowly through Mellow's biography of Walker Evans and enjoying it a lot. It adds more depth to Rathbone's biography which I've previously read. This morning Muriel Draper and her salon made an appearance.

Good copies of the photos that Evan's made 'post party/salon' are difficult to collate but those who know my work will still 'get' why they appeal. As do others he made at the De Luze Cottage.

The variation on the skull image - with/without flash - is quite interesting. The slight positional changes highlight a bit how he works as well. It's a pity the order of exposure is not easy to ascertain. I'm not sure if the 'At Work' book might deal with this series. I will try to get a second hand copy at some stage as it's out of print from what I can tell.

I typically resolve a scene very carefully and make a single exposure of that scene. It is very rare that I will make variations on the same subject matter.

If I do double up then it is with bracketing or when I'm unsure of my focus. The latter is becoming more and more of a problem especially when I'm tired or it's hot.

In one case I was so paranoid about an image that I knew I wanted that during a reshoot I made 40 separate exposures including bracketing as well as variances in focus and depth of field. It was complicated even further in that it was on a wooden floor which 'seemed' to be moving a lot and I was talking to someone - the owner - at the time!

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