Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ambitions for 2014

2014 will - for zebra-factory at least - be a much quieter and hopefully less bipolar year than the mildly insane 2013. That said, writing down what's coming up it does still sound a bit hectic!

We plan to put out at least three books including the long-delayed New Zealand work, a book of the Polish work (shown at Kurb during FotoFreo 2012) as well as a much expanded edition of 'Six'. The latter will include more images made across the project including others outside the scope of the residency. If I find the energy I might also publish a final book of the 'Five' series.

The hard cover version of Elisa's 'The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced' has already been released (

All of these books will now be published through Blurb as we can't afford to finance entire print runs locally. Unfortunately this means that they will come at a premium but we do hope to put out both hard cover and soft cover versions to at least give people some options.

The Sofitel exhibitions will run until early March ( and and a portion of the work will likely stay in Melbourne for another exhibition from May 2014.

Elisa will be doing an artist residency with Central TAFE in the fourth quarter of 2014 and will also be showing a selection of works from 'The Original Place' as part of that.

The Bankwest Award ( continues through to March and it's likely that 'Six' will be significantly extended at the Subiaco Museum (

There are a few other things on as well so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates (

Artperth is still chugging along and I am considering producing a small, extremely lo-fi magazine at some stage. I do need to test the waters a bit to see how I will get on with content. Ideally we would like to publish text about the various exhibitions on at any given moment as well as feature one project. Everything would be black & white, saddle-stitched and probably printed at Officeworks!

I have taken up a position on PCP's board ( and I hope to help them in whatever way I can to push this great organisation even further.

Finally, this year I am personally determined to do some 'mucking about' with other media. There have already been a few mildly successful experiments over the last few weeks so you never know! I'm not dissatisfied with my light catchers, just looking for other ways to express myself…. I promise to spare you my poems though!

Elisa Markes-Young's 'The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced'

Elisa Markes-Young's 'The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced'

The Original Place @ Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Six @ Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Fremantle Prison @ Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Front room @ Subiaco Museum

Front room @ Subiaco Museum

Display cabinet in Six @ Subiaco Museum.

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