Thursday, September 14, 2006

BankWest Diptych

I've hung my since framed prints in the studio and I can't stop looking at
the bloody things!

They make me both uniquely happy and torment me at the same time. I really
should wrap them up as there is a genuine temptation to start looking at the
detail even (!) more.

How could I improve this or that, failures in process, do they say what they
should or is the narrative too obscure and/or dark.

Making images is a purely neurotic process for me at the moment. No matter
what I seem to do I always seem to end up analysing minuscule details. Small
imperfections really nag me until I struggle to sleep --- this is from
someone who could sleep on concrete!

Some images just fall on film and are pure and unaltered - with the
exception of crops - as displayed. Others, especially lately, have A LOT of
work in them to get them to do what they should emotionally.

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