Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arch of Triumph/Pit of Despair

Update: And the winner is... Guy Maestri with his portrait of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. As always, there is controversy given the remarkable similarity between the painting and the subject's album cover.

The painter claims never to have seen the image but in the same breath says that he was listening to Geoffrey's music whilst painting the image for inspirational purposes... ?

As last year, the Archibald is 'back' with a rather disappointing suite of finalists.

I would hazard to guess that Cherry Hood will win with her image of David Helfgott. Cherry Hood won in 2002 with a similarly insecure image.

That said, I like the poetry in Brandon by Vincent Fantauzzo. This especially so given the feature that The Australian ran on him in late January. There is something very troubling about this image and it's successful for it's lack of 'cuteness'.

We personally both like Paul Ryan's Mountain of Tom which is unlikely to win.

Overall - as we've said before - the images in general feel undercooked. We have no claims to be able to do better but the work feels ... well ... not there.

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