Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fair and Balanced Blogging...

Given that the first edition (if you'll excuse the pun) left me, as others, very cold, the Kindle 2 would seem a significant leap forwards.

By all accounts the Kindle 2 is exclusively available in the US as I read in The Australian something about the wireless connection it uses not being available in Australia ... at least.

The design is much more elegant and refined although the buttons still have a 'clunky' appearance.

According to Seth Godin 10% of book sales on Amazon are Kindle-based (where both versions of the book are available) which surprised me.

The device still feels overpriced at US$359 given that you can buy a much better spec'd iPod Touch for a similar price. The later might not be as easy on the eye to read on but you get more 'toys' as well.

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