Saturday, February 06, 2010

A word or two on editing and gimmickry...

Shortly after I had shown 'five' at PCP, I needed to put together a proposal which required 10 supporting shots. After all the tears, tantrums and torn hamstrings of putting together the selection of 13 that had been shown I was genuinely quite shocked how easy it was to select and get rid of the necessary three.

In the end I realised that I could have easily culled four or five and - to be honest - it did knock me around a bit. I would hope that it wasn't obvious that 30% of show wasn't 'up to it' ... in my eyes at least.

The point of this post is that we often see shows around town where there would seem to be a bit of 'filler' in what has been hung. Often smaller - and frequently 'lesser' - works are included as they might 'move' better from a sales perspective. This does tend to bring the overall quality of shows down and we often then dwell on what was weak rather than what shone.

It is not easy to edit your own work and humbling to ask someone to 'help' you but we have seen more than a few potentially great shows skip through as only good because of sloppy editing.

There is also a distinctive optical 'fetish' in Perth (see the original post from September 09) and it is getting extremely boring.

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