Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ideas that I logistically can't make ... but ...

Idea 01: A rotary milk shed-like* setup that essentially 'forces' opening visitors to focus their consumption outwards rather than inwards. This essentially turns the typical opening dynamic inside out as groups - in Perth at least - often congregate around a virtual pile of handbags rather than even look at the work on display. It also regulates the consumption rate/speed.

Idea 02: This has almost certainly been done but a suite of four galleries generate live video feeds of their openings simultaneously and project each onto separate walls. People become both voyeurs and voyeurees (if that's a word) at the same time. It is also potentially painfully honest to the motivations of the visitor ... ie. see and been seen but with a total lack of control.

Idea 03: Similar to idea 01 although with 'feeding' (a la a reverse sushi train) of the viewers whilst the artwork is centred behind them.

* Cool site.

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