Friday, November 29, 2013

Da Vinci's Wit and Wisdom

I recently purchased Da Vinci's notebooks as well as Taschen's 'complete works'. The scale of the man is extraordinary! Just some snippets:

"Some there are who are nothing else than a passage for food and augmenters of excrement and fillers of privies, because through them no other things in the world, nor any good effects are produced, since nothing but full privies results from them."

"It is as great an error to speak well of a worthless man as to speak ill of a good man."

"… It is thus with the hypocrite, whose face is bathed with tears over every slight thing, showing himself thus to have the heart of a tiger; he rejoices in his heart over another's misfortunes with a face bedewed with tears."

"The bee may be likened to deceit, for it has honey in its mouth and poison behind."

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